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Bit60 - a new era of passive earnings. Accuracy and efficiency of our work in the cryptoforeign exchange markets creates prerequisites for expansion of growth of our platform around the world and provides high profit for investors. We're always one step ahead. We create the future of financial deals already today.

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Earn actively, invite in the company of new investors. Become the partner and get 10% from every deposit of referrals.

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Who we are

Modern economic relations cease to need use of people ubiquitously, replacing them by innovative bot-programmes. More than three years ago the Bit60 company began the way of implementation of new methods of passive earnings for investors. Today we are ready to provide to the world the new approach to implementation of the modern ideas the bot-programmes of the last generation which are unmistakably performing transactions of cryptocurrency trading, generating the stable and safe income. Being experts in the cryptocurrencies trading, we integrated the bot-programme into the Telegram® platform, having given almost not limited opportunities for investors around the world for passive, safe and anonymous earnings. Welcome to the Bit60 world.

The world economic trend shows rapid growth of popularity and value of cryptocurrencies as universal means of payment. It is confirmed by the facts of active applying of cryptocurrencies in financial transactions by many international companies and by the largest world banks. In particular, actively use the cryptocurrencies in business such corporations as Microsoft, Standard Chartered, UBS. For example, thanks to system of Coinbase wallets the Andreessen Horowitz venture fund, invested 25 million dollars in cryptocurrency.

If to study dynamics of growth of a rate of the main cryptocurrencies, it is possible to draw a conclusion that lately their cost grew in tens and even in thousands of times. Thus, it is easy to understand that cryptocurrency trading at the main cryptocurrency stock exchanges of the world substantially exceeds any other directions of the trading by profitability the concluded deals. So, for example, the rate of bitcoin grew by 5580% that does not go to any comparison with growth in 30% of shares yield in the stock market for the same period.

Besides, some cryptocurrencies, such, for example, as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and many others, give an opportunity of forming of new commercial relations based on a smart contracts which are completely excluding intervention of a human factor. Thus, we see that the general world trend of development of the commercial relations shows a new vector of an business orientation.

Welcome to the new era.


Online support 24/7
Company Number: 07745614

The contacts of our operators

Address: Bank House Southwick Square, Southwick, Brighton, BN42 4FN
E-mail: admin@bit60.net

Questions and answers

What are the income sources of the company?
We perform the cryptocurrencies trading at the main cryptocurrency stock exchanges of the world.
What are the main methods are applied at performing by the company of cryptocurrencies trading?
We uses the bot-programmes, giving an opportunity to perfom safely cryptocurrencies stock exchange deals almost without loss.
How to register an account?
Enter your username and Bitcoin address, press the submit button in the account page.
How to contact the support of the company?
Our email: admin@bit60.net
What is the schedule of support work?
Support works round the clock. You will receive reply to the request as fast as possible depending on the workload of operators.
How much I can invest minimally?
You can begin work with us, having invested 0.01 BTC.
What maximal amount of investments?
There is no maximal amount.
What payment systems can be used at the investment?
You can invest using Bitcoin ONLY.
What investment plans are offer by the company?
Bit60 gives an opportunity of passive earnings, using the single investment solution for all investors. For 60 hours each investor who made the investment will get 3.33% of the amount of this investment hourly.
How much will my net income?
In 60 hours you get 100% of the initial amount of your investment and about 99.80% of a net profit. You will practically make the doubling of the investment capital in 60 hours.
How many investments I can place in the company?
The number of investments isn’t limited.
After I make a request for funds payment how long this request will be processing by system?
You don’t need to make a request funds payment by the investment. The earned funds will be paid to your address automatically, without human participation.
I earned the partner reward, but the system didn't pay me this amount. What should I do?
Your partner reward will be paid instantly after 1 confirmation of your partner deposit.
I type wrong Bitcoin addres at the investment creation. What should I do now?
Please contact our support, we will change the new Bitcoin address for you ASAP.
What are the possibilities of a cooperation I can use in the company?
Bit60 gives an opportunity of active earnings, providing the Partner program for investors. According to conditions of the Partner program, you can activate an opportunity to get the partner reward, having made the minimal investment in the company.

After that you will be able to earn partner Bitcoin amount of 10% from the investments which have been made by your partners.
Where I can check statistics of the my partners and my affiliate link for invitations?
You can check the affiliate link at the account page, and check the partners at the information page.

Bit60 News

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Fri, Jan 6, 2017 00:00
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We represent the innovative investment platform. "Bit60" - absolutely new approach to earnings and security of investments. Complete anonymity, the passive daily income and our innovative solutions in investment will provide you new feeling of freedom to choose what you want to do.

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